Product Comparison


Resvantage Equine VS Other Leading Brand
Naturally Sourced Organic Resveratrol YES   NO  

Same resveratrol as used in over 4600 clinical and pre-clinical trials on file at the National Institute of Health -US National Library of Medicine and known for its broad based therapeutic potentials.




Chemically synthesized resveratrol manufactured in chemistry lab to simulate the molecular design of natural resveratrol with 1 supporting clinical trial on file.

Established Long-Term Safety Record YES   NO  

Naturally occurring resveratrol has been studied extensively to establish its safety. It has been administered at high doses over extended periods of time to both animals and humans.with no side effects or toxicity reported, thus it is widely known to be well tolerated and safe for long-term daily use.

      While desirable benefits might be evinced in the short-term from the chemically derived synthetic form of resveratrol; there is no empirical data in support of its safe use over time.
Stabilized YES   NO  

Highly volatile resveratrol molecule protected from losses in potency due to oxidative degradation. Resvantage Equine® capsules are filled in an oxygen-free nitrogen-rich environment according to patented Licaps® process by the Capsugel® division of Pfizer®.

      Dry powder resveratrol supplements provided in tubs are subject to oxidative degradation after opening causing losses in potency. This necessitates dosing increasingly greater amounts to get the same results.
Micronized YES   YES  

Particle size reduction of the resveratrol crystal to enhance bioavailability and improve therapeutic effect. After the micronization process, the challenge is to prevent the re-crystallization or re-agglomeration of the particle back to its original larger size. During final stage of its preparation, Resvantage Equine® goes through a homogenization process into a liquid suspension which prevents this from happening.

      But... micronization process is defeated as it is nearly impossible to prevent re-agglomeration when using particle size reduction techniques on dry powders. Static forces along with heat and moisture presence cause instability of the compound during the process and almost immediate conversion to its original form.
Lipid Delivery YES   NO  

Active resveratrol administered in micellar formation for high intestinal permeability.

      For efficient absorption, it is necessary to combine dry powders with a fatty acid as an excipient. If this is not done, intestinal absorption is low.
Simplified Controlled Dose YES   NO  

Measured dose in each capsule provides for consistent day to day therapeutic treatment.

      Administration by the scoop is imprecise and often doesn’t get fully consumed causing uneven dosing and variances in measurable results over time.


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